About Us

Joel and Melissa Collier, along with their two children, live in Courtenay, BC. Joel is the skipper of his father's boat and supports his family by fishing prawns, salmon and now scallops.

Fishing runs in the family!

Joel is a 4th generation fisherman from a large fishing family on his mother's side.  The Larson family are involved in various fisheries on the west coast including salmon, prawns, ling cod, and halibut.  Joel's parents began fishing in 1992.  Joel, along with his two siblings, spent part of their summers fishing throughout their youth.  Joel took over his parent's fishing business in 2014.  Check out our "Its All in the Family Gallery" on our Photo Galleries page to see some great photos of Joel and his family fishing over the generations.

Joel Collier with a trawl full of scallops

The harvest of scallops began as an experimental fishery in 2001.  Joel’s Aunt and Uncle were a part of the experimental fishery for over 15 years and were dedicated to developing environmentally sound fishing practices.  By 2009 Fisheries and Oceans Canada began the process of developing an Integrated Fisheries Management Plan (IFMP) for the commercial harvest of scallops. Various controls are in place including size limits, biannual biomass surveys to obtain biology-based quotas, and routine biotoxin testing.  Joel became involved with the IFMP process in 2015 and began fishing scallops commercially with his Uncle.