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BBQ Scallop & Maple ShalLot MiGnonette

BBQ Swimming Scallops
BBQ Swimming Scallops with a Maple Shallow Mignonette Sauce

This is our one of our favourite ways to cook our scallops.  Take them straight from your freezer and put them on the grill.  Most will pop open when they are getting close to cooked.  The best way to determine if they are done is by touching the white meat and cooking them to your preferred consistency.  The meat will turn from translucent to white, and  be firm to the touch when cooked fully.  Remember that they are safe to eat raw.  I personally like them best when they are just cooked and still soft to the touch.  Play around with them and find out how you like them best.  There always seems to be a few stubborn ones that won't open.  Because our scallops are caught live, you can eat all the scallops, even if they don't open.  

You can eat them plain or top them with your favourite sauce.  At the BC Seafood Festival, Chef Josh Gonneau served them with a delicious Maple Shallot Mignonette.

Maple Shallot Mignonette

125 mL red wine vinegar 

25 mL good maple syrup

A half to a whole small diced shallot

1 teaspoon chopped fresh dill

Salt and coarse cracked pepper to taste (should be little peppery)  

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