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Swimming scallops caught in the net of a butterfy trawl

OUR Scallops

What are they?

We harvest two wild species of scallops, Pink and Spiny scallops, found off of Vancouver Island, BC.  They are also commonly known as 'Swimming', 'Pink', or 'Singing' scallops. They are significantly smaller than the species commonly eaten.  They have a beautiful and colourful shell, measuring up to 8 cm (3 in.) across.

Like mussels or clams, swimming scallops are sold in the shell, and can be eaten cooked or raw.  The whole animal is eaten, as opposed to just the ‘adductor’ muscle like most scallops.  The size of the meat ranges from about the diameter of a nickel to a loonie.




Regular and Smoked

Our regular swimming scallops are sold whole, frozen in the shell, in 2 lb and 10 lb boxes.   There are approximately 15 to 20 scallops per pound.  They are frozen individually so you can easily take out only what you want for your meal, leaving the rest frozen for another time.  
Our cold smoked swimming scallops are sold in 113 g packages.  They are vacuum-packed and frozen.  There are approximately 25-40 pieces in each package.  These are a ready to eat product and are great on their own, as an appy, in a salad and warmed up in a pasta dish.  They have been professionally smoked at St. Jeans Cannery, a local cannery in Nanaimo, BC.
NEW!!  We teamed with a local artisanal canning good company called The Fishery Seafoods to bring you canned smoked swimming (or pacific) scallops sold in 70 g tins.  The Fishery sells them by the case and by the can.  
Take a look at our Where To Get Them page for more information on where you can purchase our scallops.

Why are they superior scallops? 

Despite their smaller size, swimming scallops are bursting with flavour.  Susan Herrmann Loomis wrote in her New York Times article that, "Pink scallops, which have a more complex flavor than sea scallops on the East Coast, are less aggressively sweet and they are balanced by a pleasant, oyster-like brininess as well as a nutty flavor usually associated with clams.  At certain times during the year a small, bright orange or golden egg sac wraps around the mussel, which adds a firm, textured dimension to the natural tenderness, and accentuates its nutty flavor.” 


What makes our scallops different?

Local, Wild and Sustainable

  • Our scallops are wild, not farmed, and are caught around Quadra Island, BC.

  • The overall management of the fishery and the style of fishing gear makes our harvesting method sustainable and environmentally friendly.  The trawl design won a Romeo La Blanc Award in 2003 for responsible fishing.  We are a proud partner of the Ocean Wise seafood program and our scallops are recommended as a sustainable choice by Ocean Wise. 

No Waste

  • Our scallops are guaranteed to be live when caught, as they have to be swimming to be caught in our trawl.  This means that even those that do not open when cooked can be safely eaten.

  • The entire animal is edible so you can use every part of the animal if you choose to.

Individually Frozen

  • Our scallops frozen at sea within hours of being caught then glazed in seawater to seal in their freshness.

  • Our freezing method prevents them from sticking together allowing you to easily take out your desired portion, leaving the rest frozen.

Why Frozen?

  • Swimming scallops are very perishable, with a maximum shelf life of 3 days from the day they are caught.  Our scallops are flash frozen, providing a shelf life of up to one year when kept in a deep freezer (<-18 °C or 0 °F).

  • Due to our freezing method, you can enjoy swimming scallops that taste as if they were freshly caught throughout the year. 



  • Swimming scallops are very versatile and can be prepared in many ways including any scallop, clam and mussel recipes.  They can be eaten whole shucked, raw, or cooked.

  • There is no need to flush our scallops because we do that for you.  We flush them at sea before they are frozen.

Pretty Scallops

  • Our scallops have a stunning and colourful shell.  They are an ideal platform for serving at the table.  We have several recipes that show how to cook frozen swimming scallops in their shell on our Recipes page.

  • The shells are a beautiful addition to any decor on or off the table.

Ocean Wise reccomended logo
2 lb box of frozen wild swimming scallops

2 lb

10 lb box of wild swimming scallops caught by West Coast Wild Scallops

10 lb

The inside of a 10 lb box of frozen wild swimming scallops caught by West Coast Wild Scallops
Colourful pink and spiny scallops, also known as swimming scallops
20 lbs mesh bag of wild swimming scallops caught in British Columbia
Swimming scallops beside ruler fo size comparison - average diameter of shell is 2.5 inches, average meat size is 1 inch
Frozen pink and spiny scallops caught by West Coast Wild Scallops
Three swimming scallops held in a chef's hand.
Beautiful pink swimming scallops amoungst decorative rocks.
A 113 g package of cold smoked wild swimming scallops
Cold smoked wild swimming scallops on a baguette with pesto sauce
Cold smoked swimming scallops on a cracker with camembert cheese and red pepper jelly
A 70g can of smoked swimming scallops from The Fishery and West Coast Wild Scallops
A can of smoked scallops being served on a cracker, paired with wine from South End Farm Winery

Head to our Recipes tab for some great recipes and cooking tips.  Also take a look at our "Delicious Dish Gallery" on the Photo Galleries tab for more ideas.  

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