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BC Young Fishermen Gathering - Victoria, 2019

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Joel and I are steering committee members of the BC Young Fishermen's Network (BCYFN). This group provides a support network to foster learning, networking and growth in the next generation of BC's fishing fleet. They have a variety of initiatives including education and support for fishermen (such as workshops, access to resources, updates on meetings and events, etc), community building, and representation by highlighting the rich history and culture of the BC fishing industry.

Each year the BCYFN hosts a gathering for fishermen all along the coast to attend. We had the pleasure of attending as well as presenting in the marketing session to tell our story of how we direct market our catch.

For anyone looking to learn more about the fishing industry, or any fishermen looking for support and resources, check out the BCFYN website or social media pages (@bcyoungfishermen on facebook and instagram).

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