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Impacts of COVID-19, Update - Why Not Sell Local?

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Everyone has been impacted by this virus in one way or another. Our story isn't much different than many self-employed individuals across the country. One question we have received a lot lately:

Why not sell local?

Well its easier said than done. We have been trying to get our scallops into retail markets for two years with limited success. Our scallops are very unique and are not what one would think when you say "scallop". Many people look at them and say "what do I do with that, those aren't scallops". Let's just say, they aren't flying off the shelf. Which makes it that much harder to find retailers and markets willing to try them.

So like other local businesses, we are in need of help. We need local support, people who are willing to try something new, willing to ask their market for swimming scallops. The more we buy local, the more we support our local businesses.

The good news!,

After the Weather Network story came out, we have been receiving emails from folks look for scallops. We are even sending scallops to a new market this week (announcement coming soon)! So thank-you everyone for your support. Hopefully we can continue this momentum.

Melissa and Joel Collier

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