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soup Or Chowder

Creamy seafood chowder with swimming scallops and BC spot prawns
A bowl of creamy seafood chowder with swimming scallops and BC spot prawns

There is nothing like curling up with a hot bowl of soup or chowder on a cold day.  

Our scallops are a fantastic addition to your favourite soup or chowder.  Simple place frozen scallops into your soup while its simmering and the soup will cook your scallops for you.​  Depending on what type of chowder you are making, I typically put these in as the last step.  We then serve the chowder as soon as the scallops are ready.

Left Over Fish Chowder

This is my go to soup/chowder recipe and it uses up all those left overs.  We are a big fish/seafood eating family and always seem to have odd bits of fish left over.  



  1. Sauté up some onions until they are translucent.  I often add some cut up celery as well at this step

  2. Add in your favourite home made or store bought broth.  I tend to use a bit of both and typically prefer chicken broth. 

  3. Once hot, add whatever left overs you have in the house.  I often add things like potatoes, mashed potatoes, broccoli, carrots, any seafood (make sure to take out any bones first).

  4. Add your preferred seasonings.  I often like to add some pepper, sale, savoury and whatever herbs I have one hand. 

  5.  Simmer.

  6. When you soup is near completed, add the frozen scallops.  Let your simmering soup cook them (usually only takes 5 minutes).

  7. I prefer cream based soups.  When the scallops are cooked, I add a can of condensed milk or coconut milk.  Allow it to simmer a few more minutes and serve.

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