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Joel and Melissa Collier's children at the helm of thier family fishing boat, the Lisa Jess
Melissa and Joel Collier fishing for wild swimming scallops in British Columbia
Melissa and Joel Collier in front of their fishing boat, the Lisa Jess

West Coast Wild Scallops is owned and operated by Joel and Melissa Collier out of Courtenay and Campbell River, BC.  

"We started fishing swimming scallops in 2017, taking over from Joel's uncle, Ken McGuffie, who was often referred to as the last scallop fisherman.  When we began fishing, we were surprised to find that fish buying companies were not interested in purchasing because there was no established market.   In order to sell our catch, we created West Coast Wild Scallops.  After several years of pounding the pavement, we have managed to connect with local seafood lovers as well as wholesale and retail companies.  We are hoping to continue to build our business and this fishery.
Thank you for coming to check our our website and hopefully we can inspire you to try some of our incredible wild swimming scallops"      
- Melissa Collier

Beautiful pink swimming scallops amoungst decorative rocks.

Pink and Spiny Scallops, also known as swimming scallops, are the only wild caught scallops in BC.  They are unique, delicious, and beautiful.

Cora's hands resting inside Melissa's hands holding two swimming scallops

Our scallops are available at a variety of locations including public markets, restaurants, wholesalers, and by direct order through us.

Melissa serving scallops at the 2018 BC Seafood Festival in Comox BC

We love to share news, events and articles. Check out this page to find out what is new and exciting for us.

Scallop Vangole with an olive oil, white wine and herb sauce by West Coast Kitchen Garden

Now we have them, what do we do with them? Take a look at some of our favourite recipes including appetizers, pasta dishes, soups and more.

Joel Collier smiling with a trawl full of wild swimming scallops

This fishery is small scale, sustainable and Ocean Wise.  We use an award winning trawl that minimizes bycatch and impacts to the ocean floor

Melissa and Joel Collier standing in front of thier fishing boat, the Lisa Jess

Joel Collier is a 4th generation fisherman.  Joel and his wife, along with thier two kids, fish out of Courtenay, BC 

Great Grandpa and Granny Larson on thier fishing boat the Seafarer in the 1920s

Explore our three photo galleries showcasing yummy dishes, how we fish scallops, and our family fishing over the generations.

Joel, Melissa and thier two kids in front of their family fishing boat the Lisa Jess

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