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Where to Get Them

Our scallops are available at a variety of locations including public markets, restaurants, and wholesalers.  They are also available by direct orders through us.  Below is some information for ordering our scallops.  Also take a look at the list below to find markets and wholesalers near you.

How do I place an order?

You can order our scallops through one of our distributors or by direct orders through us (wholesale only).  Our contact information is at the bottom of this page.  A list of our distributors is provided below.

10 lb box of wild swimming scallops caught by West Coast Wild Scallops
2 lb box of frozen wild swimming scallops
A 113 g package of cold smoked wild swimming scallops
A 70g can of smoked swimming scallops from The Fishery and West Coast Wild Scallops

Our Regular scallops are sold whole, frozen in the shell, in 10 lb and 2 lb boxes.  There are approximately 15 to 20 scallops per pound.  

Our Cold Smoked scallops are sold frozen in 113 g vacuum-packed packages.   There are approximately 25-40 scallops per package.  

Our Canned Smoked scallops are available exclusively through The Fishery Seafoods.  They are sold in 70 g tins by the can or by the case.  


We have retail and wholesale prices.  Please contact us for a price estimate.   

When are they available?


All year round!  We maintain a stock of frozen scallops in cold storage all year round.  


Our scallops are primarily caught between September and April.  During this time period, we can fish as often as needed (weather pending) to ensure that we maintain a steady supply.  

Between April and September, our scallops are held in cold storage.  If you are a repeat customer and we know how much you typically order, we will ensure that we maintain that amount of stock for you throughout this time period.  New orders placed during this time period will be subject to availability. 



Check out our Brochure

Here is a printable version of our brochure to share with your clients, friends and family. 


British Columbia 

Crabby Bobs Seafood - Campbell River, BC


Tide to Table - Walcan Seafood - Quadra Island, BC

Delivery options for Vancouver Island and Vancouver Area

OutLandish Shellfish Guild  - Quadra Island, BC

Butchers Block - Courtenay, BC

French Creek Fresh Seafood - Nanaimo, BC

Floating Fish Store - Victoria, BC

Rock Bay Market - Victoria, BC

Oak Bay Seafood - Victoria, BC

Finest At Sea - Victoria BC

Deep Pacific Seafoods - Sunshine Coast, BC 

Davis Bay, Madiera Park, HalfMoon Bay

Skipper Ottos - Vancouver, BC

Pick up locations across BC

Finest At Sea - Vancouver, BC

Mitch's Catch - Vancouver, BC

1 Fish 2 Fish Fresh Seafood Market - Langley, BC

Codfather - Kelowna, BC

Fukasaku Market - Prince Rupert, BC


Meta4Foods - Calgary, AB



Skipper Ottos - Vancouver, BC

Pick up locations across Canada

Pacific Wild Pick - Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON

Shipping available across Canada and the US


B&C Food Distributors Logo
Skipper Ottos CSF Logo

B&C Food Distributors

Saanichton, BC

Skipper Otto's CSF

Vancouver, BC


Finest At Sea

Victoria and Vancouver, BC

Out Landish Shellfish Guild Logo
WhatsApp Image 2023-08-23 at 16.11.23.jpg

OutLandish Shellfish Guild

Heriot Bay, BC 

Hook and Herd Distribution

Vancouver, BC

Tide to Table Logo

Tide to Table - Walcan Seafood

Heriot Bay, BC

Organic Ocean Seafood

Vancouver, BC 


Victoria, BC

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