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Creamy Potato, Bacon and Swimming Scallop Chowder

Creamy potato, bacon and swimming scallop chowder
Swimming Scallop Chowder by Chef Kyle Dampsy at Canoe Brewpub

Photo:  Canoe Brewpub and Dorse Media House

This incredible recipe was created by Chef Kyle Dampsy.  We had the amazing opportunity to do some filiming with Kyle, Dorse Media House and the Canoe Brewpub.  Following a fun day of fishing, Kyle cooked this chowder for us.  Ever since, this is one of our go to meals that the whole family loves.  The video is available here.  


This recipe below was adapted from the Canoe Brewpub video. I didn't include specific amounts since I eyeball it myself.  But no matter how it gets put together, it always turns out delicious.


  • 1 lb of bacon.  Back bacon is also excellent in this recipe

  • approx. 4-5 medium potatoes (adjust the amount based on how much you want)

  • Leeks

  • Swimming Scallops (1-2 lbs), I tend to have a heavy hand with the scallops

  • White wine

  • Chowder base (if you don't have some, I make mine with caned milk or coconut milk, veggie bouillon and herbs like savoury)

  • Fresh herbs (I really like Italian parsley on mine)


  1. Cook ~ 1 lb of chopped of bacon

  2. If you making your own chowder base, make it now.

  3. Add cubed potatoes (approximately 4-5 medium potatoes) and let them cook in the bacon grease.   

  4. Once they have crisped up a bit, add chopped leeks and cook until translucent

  5. Add frozen scallops and white wine.  Cover and steam.  

  6. Add chowder base and stir and simmer until desired temperature

  7. Top with fresh herbs

  8. Serve


Use potatoes that hold their form better (like red potatoes) work better.  Yellow potatoes tend to turn to mush and you get stewp or mashed soup.  I also slightly pre-cook my potatoes in the microwave to speed the process along.  If you don’t do this, cook your potatoes a little longer before adding the leeks.

The best way to determine if they are done is by touching the white meat and cooking them to your preferred consistency.  The meat will turn from translucent to white and will be firm to the touch when cooked fully.  Remember that they are safe to eat raw.  I personally like them best when they are just cooked and still soft to the touch.  Play around with them and find out how you like them best.  There always seems to be a few stubborn ones that won't open.  Because our scallops are caught live, you can eat all the scallops, even if they don't open.

Recipe Step 1 - cook bacon
Recipe Step 2 - Ad cubed potatoes to the pan
Recipe Step 3 - add chopped leaks and cook until translucent
Recipe Step 4 - add frozen scallops and white wine
Recipe Step 5 - steam until they are open
Recipe Step 6 - Add chowder base and simmer until desired temperature
Recipe Step 7 - Top with fresh herbs and serve
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