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BC Shellfish and Seafood Festival - Comox, 2019

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

As members of the BC Young Fishermen Network, Melissa and the kids attend Dock Days at the Comox Harbour. We had a great time talking to folks about what is it like to be a fishermen (and fisherkid), showing some gear, playing with prawn taps and talking about the BCYFN Network.

BC Young Fishermen's Network, including Melissa Collier and the kids, at Dock Days during the BC Seafood Festival, 2019

Photo courtesy of Kate Gillette Photography.

Along side Chef Josh Gonneau, we returned to the BC Shellfish and Seafood Festival's Signature Weekend. This year we has two dish options:

  1. BBQ Scallops served fresh off the grill with bacon jam and green onion vinagrette

  2. Cold Smoked Scallops served with picked sea asparagus, pickled red onion and a maple soy dressing.

We were overwhelmed by the support. Thanks for everyone who stopped by our booth to try our scallops, especially those who came back over and over despite the long lines. We were also excited to provide the festival with scallops for their competitions, demos and Ceviche class. Check out our social media pages to see some of the amazing photos that came from the event. We also included a few of our favourites in the "Delicious Dish Gallery" on our Photo Galleries page. Thanks to Chef Josh Gonneau for working so hard to make this event such a success for us, to the City of Comox for including our scallops in the event and my amazing friends who volunteered their time to help us run the booth.

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